Life Improvement Focused Therapy

LIFT your MIND BODY SPIRIT by changing your thoughts, feelings and actions. The I AM combines the Holistic Approach with Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Triangle.

The Holistic Approach assumes a person is one being made of three parts: MIND BODY SPIRIT. Too much time spent in any one of these parts can lead to imbalance and injury to the other two. The goal is to do up to three things every day for each part.

communication, education, & meditation
nutrition, exercise, & sleep
self, others, & higher power

The Cognitive Triangle is used to identify what causes you to feel: what you think about external experiences and what you do about them. These reactions identify the choices we have – how we can control ourselves and make proper changes. Rarely do we have control of situations and others – we can only control what we think and what we do. Most people want freedom and control. The I AM identifies choices which empower individuals with increased Personal Freedom and greater Self-Control.